After delivery, pregnancy always left behind unwanted belly fat and enlarged hip size. Every women desire to get back body in shape fast especially after first delivery and want to cut belly fat post pregnancy. Normally the uterus returns to normal size after delivery within 6-8 weeks. You can reduce your belly size within 24 weeks after childbirth. Hormone production during pregnancy, especially in the early stages, is crucial to the development of the fetus and to the proper function of the organs of the mother. Normal production of hormones, including progesterone, is significantly increased during pregnancy.
Some women use belts to reduce their belly size faster after delivery. Never use any type of belts because it can damage your belly veins or muscles and you can never pregnant again or you can have problems in next pregnancy. Because during nine months your tummy muscles stretched in this period due to hormonal changes, it is is hard to remove this fat in days. If you forcefully try to tighten the muscles, it may damage your skin cells.
Your belly fat can cause heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and can be the cause of problem in future pregnancy. Imbalanced hormone level, constipation, scanty periods or menstrual cycle problems after delivery can also be the main reasons of spongy belly after delivery. You must need to consult a Gynecologist before you start any physical activity or exercise to reduce your belly size after delivery. Some natural home made remedies are best to reduce your belly and hip size after delivery naturally without any side effect in future.

Natural Tips to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Banyan Tree Milk and Golden Shower to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Make a paste with golden shower fruit (2-3) and add 5-6 drops of banyan tree milk. Daily take with lukewarm water for one month to reduce belly after delivery.

Dry Fruits and Nuts to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Vitamin E in dry fruits and nuts increase the elasticity of our skin and keep our skin from sagging. Almond, peanut, pistachio, soybeans, sunflower seeds, dry dates, black currents, walnuts and cashew nuts are best to use during pregnancy period to maintain your overall body skin. Fiber in nuts strengthen uterus walls and make possible to reduce belly after delivery naturally.

Camel Milk with Dates to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Mash or blend 3-2 dates in one cup milk and drink it daily before going to sleep. Continue using this for 6-8 weeks to reduce belly fat after delivery. One of the most effective tips to reduce excessive spongy belly. 

Roasted Almonds to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Daily eating 50 g  roasted almonds by skipping your healthy lunch is the best and easy way to suppresses hunger. Magnesium in almonds best to build tight muscles and also help to tighten loose muscles naturally. It is best to drink one glass of milk after eating almonds to increase milk production for feeding mothers and this milk also best to in crease your baby's brain power. Almonds are an ideal food to reduce fat and tighten belly muscles naturally.

Barley Water with Cloves to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Soak 3-4 cloves in 1/4 cup of barley water overnight. Next morning mash these cloves in barley water and drink it. Continued use for 15-20 days belly fat will be reduced without any side effect.

Citrus Limetta to Reduce Belly after Delivery

After one month of delivery to reduce belly start eating 4 citrus limetta daily on an empty stomach for at least 3 weeks and see amazing results. The best, easy and natural way to reduce belly after delivery.

Cinnamon, Carom Seeds and Cardamom Boiled Water to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Boil in 3-4 liters water, 4-5 Cloves, 1 inch Cinnamon Piece, Carom Seeds and 2-3 pieces of black Cardamom (Big) for 8-10 minutes. Cool it and drink this water in place of normal water or daily 3-4 glasses. After 4-6 weeks you will found a big difference in your belly size. Drink around 1 liter hot water on an empty stomach. This will be the best detox to cleanse the body thoroughly.

Nigella Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Dried Ginger Powder with Black Salt to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Make a powder with all these ingredients in equal quantity and take 1/2 tea spoon daily early in the morning and before going to sleep. Best natural tip to reduce belly fat after delivery fast without any side effect.

Black Cumin, Nigella Seeds and Sulphate Stick to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Make a powder 250 g of each and keep it in a glass jar. Daily take 2 g with lukewarm water 2 times in a day to reduce belly especially after delivery. All these ingredients work as a fat burner.

Turmeric to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Fry 2-3 pinch of Turmeric and 5-6 Almonds in ½ teaspoon Butter quickly then add 1 cup of Milk in it. Boil it for 4-5 minutes. You can add Sugar or Honey 1 teaspoon to improve the taste. Use it once or twice a week for 6 months. It will slowly decrease your belly and improve your Uterus health. Turmeric in it a great remedy to improve inner health of the uterus.

Black Currants with Black Pepper to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Daily take 2-3 black currants with lukewarm water and take 2-3 black pepper after 3-4 minutes for one month. Best natural way to reduce belly fat especially after delivery.

Nigella Seeds with Carom Seeds and Natural Sugar to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Make a powder with all ingredients in equal quantity and daily take 2 g with lukewarm water 2 times a day. Not only best to reduce belly fat also reduces excessive fat from the whole body naturally.

Lemon Water with Honey to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Squeeze a Lemon in a glass of warm water and add 1 teaspoon Honey Bee. Drink it with an empty stomach. Cabbage with Olive Oil to Reduce Belly after Delivery Daily eats Cabbage garnish with black pepper and 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil is very effective to reduce fats from your belly and will increase the metabolic rate.

Broccoli and Spinach to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Boil broccoli and spinach in water and use it daily with your daily meal in place of ordinary water.

Soft Cotton Wrapping to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Another useful tip to reduce the size of your belly that also help to reduce uterus swelling is Wrap a long piece of soft cotton around your belly after delivery 7-8 days continuously but after one week wrap it in the day time for 2-3 months. This really squeezes your tummy size safely and also help to support your back. It's better to wrap your hips before going to sleep to reduce enlarged hip size naturally.

Brick Piece Hot Compress  to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Heat up on a stove a piece of stone or brick 5x5 for 20-25 minutes. Roll this piece with carefully in a raw piece of long cotton cloth and wrap it 5-6 times. Place it on your tummy (to adjust heat wrap the cloth more) and Heat with it daily for 20-25 minutes for one month. It will change your appearance and reduce tummy size.

Iron Sheet Boiled Water to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Boil 3-4 inch square piece of Iron sheet and boil it in 4-5 litters of water. Use this water it is very effective home remedy for reduce belly size naturally.

Other Tips to Reduce Belly Size after Delivery Breast Feeding

Breast Feed is at the top to reduce your belly size naturally because in this way your new born baby drinks up 500-600 calories and in the result of it stimulates and shrink the uterus size naturally. Breast feeding tends to regain your slim figure naturally. Those who don’t breastfeed their babies, have more fats in their bodies than the women who breastfeed. Breast feeding is also the best natural tip to increase breast size naturally.

Decrease Sugar Intake

Decrease Sugar Intake because during this period your body has more space especially your belly to store more fats and calories which can be the main cause of fuller your body and tummy. Avoid taking more sugar in your daily diet but do not cut it from your meal completely because it is most important that your baby needs everything from you during this period.

Healthy Diet

Use of healthy diet with vitamins and minerals like fresh fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, fiber and whole grains are the best helper to get flattened belly after delivery. Try to use foods based on high calories but low in volume. Try to eat small but healthy diet. Never skip any meal this should the cause of tiredness for you and non healthy for your new born baby.


Hydrate your body with a lot of water. Because more water improves your digestion system to digest fossils because constipation is one of the main causes to increase your belly size. Lower down your sodium intake. Use only Water but not carbonated water. 


Daily exercise, walking, cycling, swimming at least 30-45 minutes to burn 800-1000 calories daily will stimulate and tighten all your body muscles. During exercise try to keep your belly muscles tight for better and faster results. Lying on your stomach and raise your head and feet is one of the most effective exercises to reduce your belly size.
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