Noticing bags or dark circles under your eyes. Eye bags are often associated with lack of sleep. The thin skin around the eyes is the most affected area. Some of the things that can lead to bags or puffiness under the eyes. Eat foods high in antioxidant like green leafy vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. Food helps your body and skin become healthy.
Causes of Eye Bags
Aging, Allergies, Cold & Flu, Cosmetic Products, Dehydration, Dietary Disorders, Excessive Intake of Alcohol, Fatigue, Hormonal Changes, Infection, Lack of Sleep & Sleep Position, Medication, Pregnancy, Serious illness, Smoking, Stress, Tiredness.

Natural Tips to Remove Eye Bags

Egg Shell

Take a broken eggshell, peel off white inner layer and put it on your eye bags for 15-20 minutes and then put it off. It has marvelous effects to remove eye bags fast and naturally. Not only reduces the eye inflammation also best to reduce puffiness. 

Oak Tree Gum

Make a paste of Oak tree gum with milk and apply this mixture daily overnight for 4 weeks. Skin tightening properties of oak tree gum can be used to get rid of the excess water retained under the eye bags permanently. 

Gram Flour

Make a paste with 1 tablespoon Gram Flour, I pinch of Turmeric and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture under your eyes for 15-20 minutes for 2 weeks to reduce water retention by the tissues under your eyes.

Eye Massage Oils

Massage in a round circle motion around your eyes with Almond, Olive Oil with Aloe Vera Gel daily before to sleep it really removes bags and cure your eyes in future from bags and dark circles. Vitamin E in olive and almond oil moisturizes your skin and aloe gel tighten the eye skin naturally. Avoid to apply pressure massage always take soft finger massage to your eyes.

Mint Juice

To reduce excessive puffiness and eye bags fast and naturally. Dip the cotton pads in Mint Juice and place these cotton pads under your eyes for 15-20 minutes. You can add Aloe Vera gel in mint juice for better results.


Take 1 tablespoon mashed cucumber and add 1 teaspoon egg white, and apply this mixture on your eye area for 15-20 minutes. Use it for 15-20 days to solve this problem permanently. Cooling effect of cucumber best to reduce redness and swelling of your eyes.

Raw Banana

Place Raw Banana slices under your eye bags or puffiness for 15-20 minutes. Inflammatory properties and skin tightening quality of raw banana will help in reducing the swelling under the eyes due to water retention.


Soak a cotton ball in fresh milk and add a ¼ teaspoon of glycerin, smoothly rub this cotton ball on your eye area and then place this cotton ball on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.

Ice Cubes

Rap ice cube on a cotton piece and rub it daily before going to bed for 5-7 minutes.

Frozen Metal Spoons

Use of overnight frozen metal spoons in refrigerator has very good effects on puffiness or eye bags. Press eye bags smoothly with these spoons. Try this tip at least 14-15 days for best and effective results.


Put two slices of the Potato on your eye bags and leave it for 15-25 minutes daily for 10-15 days.
Green Tea Bags
Place chilled green tea bags under your eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes. It is also very popular and effective home remedy for eye bags.

Other Tips and Preventions

  • 1)Get enough sleep 7-8 hrs and use 2 pillows to keep your head evaluated during sleep. Your sleeping position also can reduce eye bags.
  • 2)Always apply a sunscreen to Protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • 3)Apply a moisturizer with Vitamin A (Almond Oil) daily around your eyes.
  • 4)Avoid Smoking.
  • 5)Drink a plenty of water daily but reduce to drink water before going to bed.
  • 6)Wash your eye and face daily in the early morning and before to sleep with cold water
  • 7)Healthy diet always reflects your inner health.
  • 8)Reduce daily salt intake. It may increase fluid retention
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