Cirrhosis (Liver Swelling) Liver diseases, blood infections and problem with the lymph system are the main causes of enlarged and swelled spleen. Spleen is an organ that filters blood and maintain red and white blood cells platelets levels. Also maintain a drainage system network that protect our body against infection. Enlarged spleen can not work properly and can cause to destroy blood cells. Weight loss, jaundice, bleeding from any part of body (Nose or Mouth), fatigue and anemia are the basic signs of an enlarged spleen. If you are feeling pain during bowel movement or feeling that you did not completely empty the bowels, lack of hunger, pain on the upper left side of the abdomen, difficulty in breathing then you must consult your medical physician first for a complete physical exam. In certain severe conditions doctors have to remove out the spleen from your body and after that you cannot effectively clear certain bacterias from the body. If you consider to treat this problem in an early stage, you can cure yourself from a surgery by using these useful home remedies and natural tips.

Natural Food Tips for the Treatment of Enlarged Spleen

Papaya with Apple Cider Vinegar to Shrink Enlarged Spleen

Soak raw Papaya in apple cider vinegar over night. Next morning slice it and sprinkle 6 grams salt over it and eat it. Best tip to shrink spleen size naturally.

Green Papaya Milk to Shrink Enlarged Spleen

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