This distressing and persistent condition, which is also known as a topic dermatitis, can develop at any age, but is particularly common in pre-school children. Many children outgrow eczema, however, and there is often a significant improvement by the age of five.
Symptoms of Skin Allergy
Typically, an itchy red rash appears, most often on the face and on the skin behind the knees and inside the elbows, but in severe cases the whole body may be affected. The skin becomes thickened and cracked, often weeping and bleeding. It is extremely itchy and can affect the sufferer’s sleep, concentration and confidence.
Foods That Causes Skin Allergy (eczema)
Research has shown that eczema is often associated with foods such as cows’ milk, eggs, fish, shellfish and nuts, although it can be triggered by any food. Identifying the offending food is not as easy as in urticaria; because food induced eczema does not usually become apparent until several hours, sometimes days, after the offending food has been eaten.

Natural Tips to Treat Skin Allergy (Eczema)

Red Grapes to Treat Skin Allergy

Best antioxidants to the skin allergy and inflammation. Not only reduces the inflammation also reduces the symptoms if uses as precautionary.

Lemon to Treat Skin Allergy

Best and quick source to heal the problem naturally. Try to take lemon juice with water as much you can during the day because the essential oils in lemon very much effective to treat skin allergy.

Tomato to Treat Skin Allergy

Eating tomato or drinking tomato juice is loaded with Vitamin C and immune boosting antioxidants. Best to heal skin inflammation and swelling.

Soaked Almonds to Treat Skin Allergy

If you feel skin allergy after eating nuts daily soak 7 almonds in a glass of water overnight and eat them the next morning. The best to get rid of nut allergy.

Honey to Treat Skin Allergy

Use of Honey is the best natural tonic to cure your body from any kind of allergies. Not only boost your immune system also treat the skin infection naturally and effectively.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • 1)Using or adding onion, garlic, turmeric and tomatoes in your daily cooking recipes cure your body from food or any other allergies.
  • 2)Carefully planned dietary measures are therefore needed to identify and eliminate the food that is causing the problem.
  • 3)Eczema sufferers and especially parents of children with eczema should ensure that they have minimized other common triggers, such as house dust mites and pet fur, before experimenting with various dietary exclusions. Although many cases respond favorably to dietary measures, strict medical supervision should sought so that the diet is not depleted of nutrients.
  • 4)The relief obtained from the new diet may be anything from a total elimination of the eczema to a mild improvement.
  • 5)In some cases the benefits of dietary measures will be too small to merit the avoidance of certain foods.
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